PASSHEMA is the organization of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) educators who are involved in courses or programs that are considered to be a part of mathematics or the mathematical sciences. This includes faculty members from the 14 universities of PASSHE in Mathematics Departments, Mathematics and Computer Science Departments, Developmental Mathematics Departments, and Education Departments who teach mathematics. All faculty in such departments are members of the Association. Currently, no dues are collected from the member departments for inclusion in PASSHEMA.

The purpose of PASSHEMA is for members to share information on the teaching and learning of mathematics, and on other research topics in the mathematical sciences. To quote the PASSHEMA Constitution, some of the goals of PASSHEMA are:

  1. To further the propagation of mathematics and mathematical sciences education within member institutions throughout Pennsylvania.”
  2. To encourage cooperation within the member institutions as related to mathematics and mathematical sciences education.”
  3. To encourage coordination of activities within the member institutions related to mathematics and mathematical sciences education.”

To help PASSHEMA reach these goals, the Association holds a conference each year at one of the member institutions on a rotating basis. The first PASSHEMA conference was held at Shippensburg University in 1987. The 2016 conference is scheduled for Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

The managing body of PASSHEMA is its Executive Board, consisting of one representative from each of the departments which are departmental members, the Program Chair and the Assistant Program Chair for the annual conference. The four officers of PASSHEMA, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, are elected from the members of the Executive Board.

The following are the elected executive board officers